Logo & T-Shirt Winner: Henry Chan!

Congrats to Henry Chan, who designed the winning submission for HKUWHA’s very first logo and t-shirt design! Here are some draft photos of our to-be logo and shirts, along with Henry’s explanations below:



This design is simple, elegant,energetic and fun. It captures the essence of underwater hockey and is straight forward for people to know what UWH is about. I personally like how the back is linked with the front with the black hockey player sticking his head out from no where, exactly what you feel when you thought you are clear to score.
Note: 香港水曲means “Hong Kong UWH”

The design is adopted from AUHC 09′ and permission is granted for us to use. The calligraphy “水” means water. It gives an artistic sense and also a feel of HK culture. Then there are two petal adopted from the HKSAR flag. I’ve turned one into a hockey player, which again will be straight forward for people to know about UWH.

Congrats to Henry on winning with the highest number of “likes” on Facebook, and a huge thanks to our other contributors, Nowie and Isabel, for their designs (you can see them on our Facebook event).



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