Shenzhen UWH Weekend Recap!

HKUWHA members spent this past weekend in Shenzhen for our first ever event outside of Hong Kong. This was really exciting because we got to meet our fellow UWH players from neighboring Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Zhuhai and spent around 7 hours in the pool across Saturday and Sunday.

freezing in the taxi queue

After a bit of a late start on Saturday due to unexpected traffic and a long taxi queue at Shenzhen Port , the 9 of us – Coaches Nowie and Darren, plus Henry, Anna, Susan, Flora, Rox, Tony, and Chelssy – met with the Chinese players at the pool in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen. The first hour or so was spent playing games so that the coaches (Nowie and Darren were joined by Coach Yutao from China) could get an idea of what techniques and areas to focus on over the weekend.

The pool training on Saturday ran from about 12:00PM to 3:00PM, with the coaches leading breathing and swimming drills after the initial games. We wrapped up the afternoon with some more games, trying to keep warm in the increasingly cold pool. Between the 36 participants that were there for the weekend, there was plenty of time for both playing and observing (as substitutes), and definitely time to pose for some photos!

The Saturday pool session was followed by a 3-hour strategy session held at a cafe. We finally got to see what everyone looked like without a mask/snorkel on through the introductions, and munched on some yummy carbs as the three coaches taught positioning and formations. For a lot of the newer players, it was the first time learning about hockey beyond just the basic swimming with a puck and a stick, and there were some really good questions from the audience about the correct positioning for the players during games.

Everyone who attended the strategy session! 

On Saturday evening, some of the HKUWHA players went to eat “Coconut Chicken” hot pot and enjoyed some great live music while we ate. But after that, it was time for bed so we could be at the pool for the Sunday morning pool session!

Debuting our new t-shirts

Sunday started out with more swimming drills along with some passing/puck handling, and we topped off the weekend with some more games! It was great to see everyone’s improvement over just two days of training – formations and positioning improved significantly as people became more aware of where to be and who to look for, rather than all rushing towards the puck at once. We went for some good old hot pot (yes, again) afterwards and were headed back to Hong Kong by the late afternoon.

It was great to meet all the players from China, and it was really nice for HKUWHA members to get to spend some time with each other to bond as a team. Thanks all who came out – especially to Kevin and La Nina from Shenzhen for organizing, and to our three coaches Nowie, Darren and Yutao for coaching – it was an awesome weekend and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


Jan 23-24 UWH Weekend: Shenzhen

Join us for a weekend of Underwater Hockey in our exchange event with our UWH neighbors in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Zhuhai!

This will be HKUWHA’s first chance to interact with some UWH players outside of HK and we are excited to hold this exchange to play with other underwater hockey lovers 🙂

Whether you’ve joined us for 10 practices or 0, this is an awesome opportunity for you to learn the sport and improve your skills. We’ll have both pool time and classroom time, and spend the rest of the time getting to know both our teammates and nearby UWH players from China.

Tentative schedule:

Saturday, 1/23
11AM-3PM: Pool coaching (UWH skills and techniques)
3PM-5PM: Classroom coaching (this may be adjusted for a bit later to allow time for changing out of suits)
5PM onwards: Dinner & Social time

Sunday, 1/24
9AM-1PM: Pool time (games to utilize newly learned techniques!)
1PM onwards: Lunch & Social time; head home

Please let us know below whether you’ll be able to make it that weekend so we can plan for transportation and hotel logistics by RSVPing on our Facebook page. Estimated registration fee is around HKD200. Other costs will include transportation, hotel, and food (we will, of course, search for the most economic options!)

We hope you can join us for this exciting exchange with our UWH friends in China.

***Please note that you may need a visa to enter China, depending on where your passport is from. Make sure to double check your entry requirements prior to the weekend! 🙂

Logo & T-Shirt Winner: Henry Chan!

Congrats to Henry Chan, who designed the winning submission for HKUWHA’s very first logo and t-shirt design! Here are some draft photos of our to-be logo and shirts, along with Henry’s explanations below:



This design is simple, elegant,energetic and fun. It captures the essence of underwater hockey and is straight forward for people to know what UWH is about. I personally like how the back is linked with the front with the black hockey player sticking his head out from no where, exactly what you feel when you thought you are clear to score.
Note: 香港水曲means “Hong Kong UWH”

The design is adopted from AUHC 09′ and permission is granted for us to use. The calligraphy “水” means water. It gives an artistic sense and also a feel of HK culture. Then there are two petal adopted from the HKSAR flag. I’ve turned one into a hockey player, which again will be straight forward for people to know about UWH.

Congrats to Henry on winning with the highest number of “likes” on Facebook, and a huge thanks to our other contributors, Nowie and Isabel, for their designs (you can see them on our Facebook event).