T-Shirt and Logo Contest!

Announcing HKUWHA’s first ever T-shirt and Logo Contest!

As the HK Underwater Hockey Association continues to develop as a young UWH team, we have reached the point where there’s an important piece missing:

Our logo! (And t-shirts featuring our logo).

We’d like to invite all of our members and friends to participate in a logo/t-shirt design contest, with the winner receiving a free t-shirt, free admission to one practice, and the glory of having their work featured on all HKUWHA-related communications and merchandise!

So, here are the rules:
1. You may choose to design a logo, a t-shirt, or (preferably) both;
2. Important criteria to consider are relevance to UWH, relevance to HK, and originality;
3. Our official club name is “Hong Kong Underwater Hockey Association” (“HKUWHA”) “香港水底曲棍球協會” and our unofficial motto is “HKUWHA-Matata”;
4. As the club is based in Hong Kong, please also incorporate HKUWH in Chinese (“香港水底曲棍球” or “香港水曲”) into your design – we can help with this part later on if you don’t speak Chinese;
5. Please include a short explanation of your design;
6. Final design will be chosen based on the highest number of votes in our official “Facebook” poll once submissions are complete.

Please email your submissions to hkuwha@gmail.com by December 15th, 2015. And feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

*Note: The board will have the right to veto any inappropriate or irrelevant designs, but we’re hoping that won’t happen!


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