UWH is in Hong Kong!

After a few months of gathering players and trying different pools, we have finally gotten both the HKUWHA club and website up and running!

While our Facebook page has already existed for a few months, we hope this website can provide more information and announcements for all who are interested in trying out Underwater Hockey in Hong Kong. Tonight, we held our SEVENTH practice at the West Island School (lucky number seven!) and had 10 players in total.

As a brief summary of the past few months:

August 2015: The interested members, all of whom have contacted our President Henry Chan separately, finally gather to meet for a Nepalese dinner. An Intro Night is held to explain the strange sport of UWH, and a Whatsapp group is formed.

September 2015: HKUWHA holds its first two practices at a pool in Tseung Kwan O. Huge thanks to Alan for helping us with our first few practices and giving us tips!

October 2015: HKUWHA moved practices to the Island School, located in Mid-Levels. We loved playing at Mid-Levels as we had the entire pool to ourselves and had visitors join us from places like the UK and France!

November 2015: Here we are, trying out our first INDOOR pool (even though it’s still insanely hot and humid in Hong Kong) at the West Island School. We’ll be here for the rest of the month (Wednesdays, 8:30-10PM) so join us if you can!

We recently had some players participate in the Asia Underwater Hockey Cup, so we’ll post about that soon!

See you soon!


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